Facial Massage at Home

Do you enjoy using oils in your skincare routine?

I certainly do! Each morning, I indulge in a ritualistic application of oils, (Exotic or Vibrant Oil) and I want to share with you a technique I call “touch with intent.” It’s like a mini massage session for my face, focusing on muscles and connective tissue.

As I apply the oils, I use a slightly deeper massage technique, adjusting the pressure as I move from one area to another. One of my favorite parts is massaging under the eyes, starting from the inside corner and moving out to the crow’s feet area. I use small, firm circles at the crow’s feet, and I find it comfortable to glide back and forth under the eye, repeating the circles at the crow’s feet.

I employ a another technique by positioning my thumbs under the cheekbones, aligning the right hand on the right side and the left hand on the left side. Utilizing the thumbs as a support, I proceed to massage the forehead and the area between the brows using the first two or three fingers. I alternate circular motions, overlapping them as I move across the forehead and between the brows.

This method actually helps warm the skin by stimulating circulation. For the forehead, I apply tiny circles
with firm pressure, especially between the brows. When working on the neck, I lift my chin to tighten it and use downward strokes, alternating between the right hand on the left side of the neck and vice versa. I extend the neck massage down onto the chest, using the heel of my hand and moving outward from the center in one smooth motion, alternating right then left, etc.

And don’t forget those beautiful lips! Massaging them is a wonderfully soothing experience that adds a perfect finishing touch to my morning routine.

I encourage you to give this “touch with intent” technique a try and see how it elevates your skincare ritual. Your skin will thank you for the extra love
and care!

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