Hi, I’m Brea Gratia
Founder & Formulator

A tenacious, loving, and energetic esthetician who enjoys making products for others to enjoy.

I’ve been asked about the meaning of “Beauty Grace Love” on the label? To find out, read “How It Happened” by clicking the button below.

Early on

By a stroke of serendipity, I mistakenly attended a trade show that wasn’t intended for skin professionals. Much to my surprise, I unexpectedly acquired a vast array of natural ingredients that would eventually become the foundation for my future formulation endeavors. Although initially stunned by the circumstances, little did I know that this unintentional detour would sow the seeds of my future in product creation.


October, 2022, I sold my skin care practice to fully dedicate myself to formulation. My primary objective now is to create and sell products through my new store and online platform. Additionally, I have exciting plans to develop products specifically tailored for use in other skin care practices. My passion for creativity and inspiration drives me to craft exquisite products that cater to a wide range of individuals.