Clean Your Skin Like a Professional


It’s important to cleanse the skin every night at bedtime. While there are differing opinions on frequency, I firmly believe that once a day suffices. If you’ve applied serums and/or moisturizers the night before, morning cleansing can be omitted. A gentle splash of water is all that’s needed to activate and emulsify the products applied the night before.

45 years as an esthetician, I value touch’s impact and understand optimal pressure. In my current skincare consulting role, I often notice that clients hesitate to touch their skin with purpose. Here’s your routine for cleansing like a pro:

  1. Dispense a nickel-sized amount of cleanser into your palm, wetting your fingers as you run warm water. Mix in your palm.
  2. Apply the product gently onto your skin, adding water as needed to achieve a creamy texture. Prioritize massaging the underlying muscles rather than just the surface. Strive for a touch that’s palpable and purposeful, often referred to as “touch with intent.” Maximize the benefits of your cleansing routine through facial massage. This technique enriches the skin with vital nutrients, revitalizing your complexion. It also smoothes away fine lines, imparting a youthful glow. By effectively clearing clogged pores, it aids in congestion relief and reduces acne-causing buildup. Additionally, it aids in the removal of cellular waste, promoting overall skin health. Experience reduced puffiness and unveil a refreshed, rejuvenated look.
  3. Optimal blood flow is paramount for vibrant and radiant skin, ensuring an even tone, efficient nutrient distribution, and effective detoxification. Conditions like premature wrinkles, lackluster complexion, delayed healing, acne, and under-eye circles can often be attributed to inadequate tissue circulation. This is where purposeful facial massage steps in to enhance overall skin wellness!
  4. Cleanse the nose, cheekbones, and beyond with deliberate movements, pressure, and circles. Spend approximately 30 seconds cleansing and massaging, adding water if necessary to maintain the creamy texture.
  5. Dampen a designated facial cloth with hottish water. Gently press the cloth against your skin for 10 seconds creating a steaming effect, then wipe the skin. Rinse the cloth. Repeat this process twice more.
  6. IMPORTANT: Apply night serum and moisturizer.

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