Story of Barbara

Since 1982, I began to observe peculiar blemishes and acne among some of my clients that defied my usual methods of treatment. Perplexed, I would express my frustration, attributing it to an unknown factor within their bloodstream. Despite my efforts, it became apparent that this was not a conventional case of acne.

For over two years, I had a loyal monthly client named Barbara who sought my assistance. She presented a distressing condition on her face, brows, eyelids, and neck, resembling cigarette burns. It was evident that this was not ordinary acne, as acne does not typically manifest on eyelids. Additionally, she experienced both hyper- and hypo-pigmentation, exacerbating her already difficult situation.

The lesions on her skin resembled “cigarette-burn-like” marks, with a raw appearance at their center and “crispy” brown edges. These edges were indicative of scabs attempting to form but were hindered by the yeast activity in the affected area. Typically, this type of blemish causes itching and initially emerges as nodules.

The nodules associated with this particular blemish are visibly distinct from the follicles (pores), as they reside within the tissue rather than within the follicle itself. Dealing with this type of blemish proves challenging since it causes both itching and pain, making it difficult for the client to resist the urge to interfere.

The presence of yeast activity further complicates the healing process, hindering the blemish from resolving satisfactorily. Even after healing, one does not achieve complete restoration, as the raw lesion gives way to red marks. Over time, these marks may take on a brown (hyperpigmented) or white (hypopigmented) appearance. In some cases, the scarring may extend deeper. This depth can be attributed in part to the client’s tendency to scratch/dig the area due to itching or to the destructive impact of yeast on the living tissue.

Returning to Barbara’s story… Barbara revisited me four weeks after her last facial, and to my astonishment, her skin was flawless. I mean truly flawless—no signs of acne, pigmentation, or any blemishes whatsoever. It was a puzzling revelation. She had made an important discovery: she had an underlying yeast issue, accompanied by other symptoms. This was the answer I had been diligently seeking for quite some time—a confirmation that there was indeed something related to the blood causing these conditions.

As the years went by, numerous clients with diverse types of blemishes, resembling Barbara’s, sought my assistance. We provided them with a comprehensive protocol, yielding astonishingly swift results. While it’s not an immediate cure, we can achieve visible improvements seemingly overnight. By making certain adjustments to your lifestyle and diet, together we (you and me) can clear your skin and eliminate the presence of yeast from your body. Within a month’s time, you will experience the joy of having clear, flawless skin. It will require a commitment on your part, but I firmly believe in your ability to achieve it.

The answers to this skin problem are within our grasp, and it is truly remarkable how rapidly clearing can occur when following the appropriate protocol.

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