Acne Excoriée

Acne excoriée is a skin condition characterized by self-inflicted picking of both real and perceived acne-like lesions. Unlike typical dermatoses, patients with this condition often openly acknowledge their self-inflicted actions. However, due to its unique nature, dermatologists may not fully comprehend this type of acne and may refer patients to psychologists, sometimes mistaking it for a psychological condition rather than a dermatological one.

In conversations with clients experiencing these acne nodules, an interesting pattern emerged. They reported experiencing itching and a sensation that something was “alive” within the affected areas. Upon examination, it became evident that Candida, a yeast microbe, was present. Candida feeds on the skin’s keratin, contributing to the formation of acne nodules.

As a result of the sensation of activity feeling as though something was “alive”, individuals are compelled to alleviate it by aggressively scratching the affected areas by digging their fingernails into the nodule. Unfortunately, this scratching/digging exacerbates the itching and leads to bloody lesions on the skin and the formation of deep dig marks which leads to scaring of the skin.

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