Choosing ingredients is an amazing and fun thing to do. It can be addictive, and that can sometimes drive me crazy. There’s so much from which to choose. What a fortunate time to be formulating.

About the Formulations

While exploring the inventory of an ingredient supplier, I’m particularly intrigued by the newer ingredients that are labeled as EcoCert and/or Cosmos approved. This means that I occasionally substitute some of the natural ingredients I already have with their organic EcoCert/Cosmos approved counterparts. Additionally, I’m excited to discover new options like purified wintergreen extract, a 100% natural and eco-responsible alternative to salicylic acid, which I use as a functional ingredient in cosmetics for the first time.

In addition to my formulation training, I have acquired the knowledge to create my own organic cosmetic ingredients, aligning perfectly with my ongoing passion for plant-based skincare products.

Each ingredient serves a distinct purpose in the product, and the true magic lies in their harmonious blend. When selecting ingredients, I carefully consider specific skin concerns, drawing from my extensive 46 years of experience as an esthetician, allowing me to understand and cater to the needs of all individuals.

However, commercial cosmetic manufacturers sometimes add ingredients for label claims only, known as “Tip-Ins” or “Fairy Dust”. These expensive ingredients are added in such small amounts that they cannot provide any real benefits to the consumer. To meet legal requirements, they are added at a minimum of 0.05% of the total formula.

“Tip-ins” and “fairy dust” are solely advantageous for the manufacturer, as they generate sales with legal claims while keeping production costs to a minimum.

If a product claims to have new organic ingredients, the smooth feeling on your skin is likely due to the cheaper synthetic silicone listed on the label. The consumer is shortchanged by these practices.

If you see color in Gratia Botanica products, it is natural, created by natural ingredients such as hibiscus, turmeric, beetroot, or various essential oils of color such as blue tansy.

Gratia Botanica products are made in small batches as the demand requires. I don’t make products in large batches so that my products are fresh. And on occasion, I’ll upgrade an ingredient to something similar or an organic version of the original natural ingredient. Don’t worry though, I will always make sure the quality is upgraded and the feel remains the same or better. This does not occur often, but keeping on top of newer, more powerful ingredients is important to getting the results you’ve come to expect.