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Skin Care Extract

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Skin Care Extract
Skin Care Extract

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Skin Care Extract

USD $20.00
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Categories: Dietary supplement
Manufacturer: Mountain Rose Herbs
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As the largest organ of the human body the skin has many purposes that include serving as an organ of elimination tied to the healthy functioning of the liver. We absorb many chemicals, from pollution to lotions and soaps that we use daily, which must travel through the blood to be processed or excreted as waste. Our skin cells reproduce about once every 30 days and are affected by these environmental exposures and elimination processes. This can sometimes cause common skin problems. This blend is formulated with herbs traditionally used to help support skin and liver wellness.

Our skin care combination extract can be dispensed directly on the tongue, or can be added to water or juice and includes:

Burdock: A versatile root with a myriad of internal uses, burdock is also employed in external applications. It is considered, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to be energetically cooling and to have a consistency that helps soothe. In Native American healing traditions, the plant was used by several tribes for skin health.  

Dandelion: Various indigenous cultures in the United States considered dandelion to be a prized edible and employed the root for healthy GI functioning, as an alterative, and in topical applications. According to TCM, this herb is viewed as energetically sweet, drying, and cooling and was utilized to clear the heat from the liver.

Milk Thistle: A member of the Asteraceae or sunflower family, milk thistle contains a complex of flavonoids called silymarin that are its most active constituents. This herb is most known for its strong affinity for the liver, due to its support of the liver’s natural detoxification process.*

Oregon Grape: The golden yellow root of Oregon grape takes its color from the active constituent berberine, which is considered responsible for the healthful properties of this botanical. It is sometimes substituted for goldenseal, as the two herbs have similar constituent properties.

Red Clover: Considered an alterative by herbalists, red clover has a multitude of wellness supporting qualities including an abundance of isoflavones, which are highly beneficial constituents. This herb also contains a high mineral content, making it a very healthful ally.

Yellow Dock: The root of yellow dock is bright yellow below the bark, and is harvested in late summer once the seeds have begun to turn red. These thick, fleshy roots have been employed in traditional herbal practices for their wellness-supporting properties.

Echinacea: The entire plant was used extensively in Native American indigenous healing traditions and with folk herbalists alike for generations. Historically, echinacea root was utilized in topical applications and to support healthy immune function.